WebWorks Unlimited
Rates for Services

WebWorks Unlimited offers a complete website design service. We work with you on concept, design and the actual building of your website from start to finish.

We also offer Website Management, so that you can rest assured that your site will be clean, functional (no broken graphics or links), and updated on a regular basis.

Rates for our services are competitive, based on our combined years of experience and expertise, as well as the quality of the product and service we provide our clients.

Website Design
Website Graphics
Website Elements
Website Content
Website Updates
Pre-Website Build Consultation
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Logo Design
Custom Forms/Tables Design
Photo Retouching/Correction
Non-Contract Website Management
Keyword-Rich Content Consulting
Link Exchange Management

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We custom-build your website from the ground up, based on your own ideas and personal needs. We will present you with a concept, design and custom elements (such as background, buttons, tables, image-mapped graphics, etc.,) and construct the site with content meeting your specifications. Three months of Website Management are included.

Please feel free to explore the other areas of our website for more details on WebWorks website design, including a variety of samples of our work.

Website Management includes:
* Receipt and timely response to emails reporting dead links, broken images, or error messages on the site.
* Regular updating of the site, based on your particular schedule.
* Regular maintenance checks on the website to assure that it is completely functional.

Your Website Management Contract will be personally developed by WebWorks Unlimited to meet your specific requirements.

Payment for the initial website design contract is as follows:
* 50% down and 50% thirty (30) days after the contract is signed.
Payment for ongoing services is as follows:
* Payment for balances on services are due upon receipt of invoice. After 10 days a $15 late fee will apply to all balances still unpaid.
* Payment of balances due may be made by personal check, money order or PayPal. (When using PayPal, the processing fee will be paid by the client.)

A newly uploaded website will be taken offline if payment is not made according to the website design contract.